Sunday, October 28, 2007

Again more new works

The top one is framed. I don't often frame my work but this one really works well with a frame. I call it "Worlds Beyond". "Secret Places" is next. It is a 30" square. I have been experimenting with dragging paint in some of my more recent works netting me some really interesting effects.

Be watching for some works that show the re-influence of my pal Pollock. There is nothing like throwing paint!

More New Works

I have been very busy painting latley and not very good at getting them to my blog. here is part of my effort to catch up. Top one is 24' X 24" "Finding Diamonds". #2 "The Raven" is 18" square.
Next is "American Indian Mystery" also 18" square. At the bottom is "Arizona Horizon" 30" square. All but the last one are at my studio right now. The last one is at the Pendleton Art Gallery at newport on the Levi.

Back from showing at a couple of galleries

Both are 37" diameter. #1 title: "Back from the Edge", #2 title:" Rugged Red"

Monday, October 8, 2007

Paintings at the Contemporary Galleries

These paintings can be seen at the Contemporary Galleries Home Furnishings store on 4th Street downtown Cincinnaiti. The top 2 are 24" X 24" and the third is 30" X 30". You can see them at the store or call me and I can bring them to my studio.

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