Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Catching Up With Postings

Sorry I have been a bit remiss in posting what I have been up to in my paintings. I won't overload you with all that I have been doing - more will be coming soon - but here are 3 little ones.

At Flat Rock in Morrow
9 x 12
I have been wanting to paint this area for a long time and I had no good excuse not to since it is only  5 minutes from my house. It is tucked in on a curvy country road with a little off road gravel area for people to stop and cool off in the hot heat of summer or to just enjoy the view. You really do get to walk right into it all. This one was done at around 9:30 in the morning.

Little Miami Canoe Rental
9 x 12
Another plein air painting also close to my home. This is right along the Little Miami River and the entire grounds is quite lovely. I think you will be seeing more from this site. I was standing in a driveway set right below the road. I had to dodge a little rain but was able to catch mostly sunshine.

Meandering the Kid's Stream at the Nature Center
10 x 8
My daughter and her 2 kids were here to visit this past June. The Nature Center was a natural place to spend some time. Of course I took loads of photos because I don't see them all that often (live in California). This age will be slipping through our hands so quickly. I really enjoyed painting this and working the surroundings so that they work for the painting.