Sunday, October 11, 2015

Quotes, Tips and Inspirations

Mildewed Dreams

     This painting was done with the ALL STAR game in mind as it was in Cincinnati this year. I asked my husband to gather some of his equipment from his childhood so that I could paint a still life. When he got the gloves out they all smelled like mildew and it became a metaphor for dreams that never came true and thus, the title. I loved the imperfectness of the worn and weathered glove, the ball that one of the kids had magic markered years ago and the bat being held together with masking tape.

     This painting is still available.

On another note:

      I have started a brand new blog with the emphasis on Quotes, Tips and Inspirations. My focus on teaching is getting stronger and stronger and you will see it in my blog posts. I invite you to sign up to stay up with the posts:

Rest assured, this blog will still stay alive with my paintings and stories.  The new blog has a totally different focus.