Friday, July 10, 2015

Recent Painting Activity

Lining the Path
8 x 10

Even though this is cut off from a row of bushes next to the path of flat rocks I found a fascination with the beauty of the raw and exposed edge that was sort of presented. Painted en plein air.

Up on the Hill
10 x 20
A recent visit to see my daughter in California had us visiting a small beach along the American River where people and dogs and geese swam together. Across the river was a nondescript hill that held this little treasure of a scene. I painted this one after I got home.

8 x 16
I was recently part of a small group of artists who painted en plein air at the garden tour in Newport, Kentucky. I learned a while ago that there are paintings all over the place just waiting to be painted. Sometimes we don't see them because the scene is too big and complex. Cropping down the scene can expose some sweet little scenes. This was one.

Tree up the Hill
10 x 8
Another treasure from that hill along the American River in CA. I was taken by the shadows. I really enjoyed doing this one in under an hour en plein air, capturing the first instincts of color and shape.