Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Just a few of the more current pieces

Staying Cool in the Shadows
8 x 10  oil

A friend of ours have a farm with sheep and loads of horses, and now a few llamas too. I also got some of these sheep's wool so I am a happy camper.

Almost Blending In
5 x 7 oil

My darlings. So fortunate to have them a short walking distance away. This new group of 9 are all between 1 - 1 1/2 years old.  I just visited them this morning and my favorite 3 all came up to me for a pat and a sniff. One of them even had to fend off the dominant one of the group to get to me. My little heart just soared. 

Badger's Front Door
5 x 7 oil

You know how I love the English paths. Well this badger hole was right along one of those paths. it was quite a big hole. Badgers are pretty common around here although I haven't see many - just their holes. 

Cascade at St. Mary's Abbey #2
9 x 12 oil

I did this painting before and someone in the village has it now. I did it again thinking I might have it as my own keepsake of the little village that we are living in. Instead though I am going to offer it to raise more money for a Rotary Charity called ShelterBox.  It, and many of my available paintings will be in a show at the beginning of November called the Kent Affordable Art Show.