Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Old Oak at Leed's Castle

The Old Oak at Leed's Castle
30 x 30

This stunning tree overlooked the golf course on the grounds of Leed's Castle where Bob and I had the privilege to spend the night shortly before we moved back to the states. We had visited the castle and it's amazing grounds many times but being there after hours was magical. I even got to paint out while I was there. 

I am loving the huge trees and others trees of strong character, this being the 3rd of the body of work that is about savoring and honoring their existence. Be watching for at least 2 more BIG TREE paintings soon.

On another note - I am planning on starting a monthly newsletter soon. I will be investigating ways to gain an email list of subscribers. You can send me your name and email if you want to get a head start on signing up for it. Just put it in the comment box of this post and I will put you o n the list. Should be fun sharing even more thoughts and info on my paintings and the thoughts and ideas that I have about them.