Monday, November 11, 2013

Finally back to painting again

I have been back from England for over 2 months. The house and my studio have eaten up loads of my time with renovation, reclamation and renewing - basically making as much as we can look like  new again. Painting on panels/canvas was replaced with painting on walls and woodwork. Well about a week ago the good old oils came out and I headed outside to get the cobwebs out of my hair and to claim my artist self. 

Posted here are the products of those efforts. They are all set just out my door - I am fortunate enough to live out in the sticks on 4 acres of wooded property surrounded with farmland. I expect that there will be lots and lots of paintings from my yard coming up so you will be getting very familiar with what I see everyday.

Purchases can easily be made by clicking the the link under each piece. The pieces are small and easily mailed unframed. Larger paintings of any of my subjects can be done on a commission bases.

The Lonely Mailbox
5 x 10

Across the Empty Field
5 x 7

View of the Corn Wall
5 x 10

Chicken Coop 1
10 x 8

First Beams of Day Light Savings
5 x 10