Thursday, January 24, 2008

Solo Exhibit at the Carnegie Center for the Visual and Performing Arts

My show opened at the Carnegie in Covington, KY on January 11th. Great crowds. Great response. The show stays up until February 18th.

For the past 7+ years most of my paintings have been inspired by deep space. This show was inspired by the wonders of rocks and minerals. I find that both the sky and the rocks can have the same sense of wonder and awe to them.

This first photo shows one side of the 2 sided 49" diameter piece that hung in the center of the room. The pieces to the left are also 49" diameter. That's me in the middle.
This second photo has my daughter Megan with 2 pieces that are 42" square.

This third photo's paintings are each 30" square.

This forth picture shows some of the 36" diameter pieces.

If you are interested in seeing pictures of any of the pieces close up just let me know and I will send them along - I will also be adding them to the blog as time goes on.