Friday, March 11, 2011

March Acylics

"On the streets of Munich" 60 x 60cm

"History" 60 x 60cm

February 2011 Oils

"Sunshine" 9 x 12

This is a significant painting for me because of it's looseness. I want ot do more paintings to explore the looser style.

"Slide" 8 x 10

"Wet Pants" 8 x 10

Shadows and the weight of the wet pants. The posture too. That's what drew me to this one.

"Adoring Peck" 7 x 5

I really like the close crop here. The whole thing was about the kiss and Mom watching baby and baby not really noticing it. Such love at this stage has to be adoration.

"Pippa" 10 x 8

Deep shadows, lost details. Lost edges. Gonna do more of this too. So much to experiment with and learn. I guess it is never done.