Monday, August 13, 2007


Welcome to my art blog. In it I will post work that I have done and tell you about the shows I am in or the galleries I am showing in. I will be sharing some of my thoughts on art as well. Who knows where this will go. I hope you enjoy. Let me hear from you.

This picture is part of a new series I am working on for a show in November at the Canton Museum of art. The series is called, "Celebrating the Sun" and will have anywhere from 20-40 pieces in it. This piece is 30 X 30.

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Sandy said...

Dear Eileen,
As usual, I love your art! I'm glad to read that you're having a show in Canton, OH. I will tell my friends in the area about the show. Who knows, I might be able to take time off to visit with them and take them to your show myself.
Sorry to have missed you all of these months at Final Friday in Cinti. Too many overnight shifts!
Best Wishes, Sandy Schnur