Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"Scrambled Eggs Maker"
each canvas is 2 1/2" square
Framed in one, 4-holed frame

I have painted from the reference photo before but had lots of fun cropping it up to these bits. I think that may paint from other already used references too. I learn more each time I do it.

"My Cows Love the Shade"
24 x 30cm
oil on panel


So often when I take my walk up to the park to see the Highland Cattle there I find them napping under the trees. I slowly work my way into their midst so as not to startle them and to let them know that I am a friend. If I could, I would actually go up and give them a big cuddle but I know that they would not put up with that so I have to just use my imagination and pretend that I do.

"Falling Fence"
3 x 5
Oil on panel


The autumn sun shows at a lower and lower angle as the year gets old. This makes for some great photo opps and painting references. There are lots of these rickety old fences around in this part of England. You will see more paintings of some of them one of these days. Working this small not only gets a painting done faster but ends up teaching me more and more about painting in oils.

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