Sunday, April 8, 2012


8 x 10, oil on linen panel

I love this painting. I loved taking the photos for it. It was on a farm with about 50 horses all around. The owner here, Suzanne, is a neighbor of mine and she runs the boarding business at her parent's farm, a 10 minute's walk from where I live. I am so fortunate to be where I am. If I could do my life over again it sure would have horse owning in it. 

To date, I have done 5 paintings of Millie. She is so stunning. On this photo shoot day I was so moved by her and about being surrounded by so many other horses that tears dribbled out of my eyes - several times. When I die and go wherever it is that one goes, there will be lots and lots of animals there and I will be able to kiss and cuddle them all for eternity..

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Theresa Evans said...

I love the texture in your work very much. Pleased to have found your blog!