Saturday, November 17, 2012

Starting to do Plein Air Painting

In the Middle of the Park
5 x 7, oil on linen panel

I have started en plein air painting (painting outdoors). I have been putting it off forever but, as I follow so many artists whose work I really like, I cannot get away from knowing that they paint en plein air. The current day masters all say to do it. So I have finally begun. I had put it off because I didn't want the pressure of time as the light changes and I didn't want the pain of getting all the equipment ready etc. and setting up in all weather conditions. After only a few days, in chill and drizzle, I may be hooked. What a crazy time of year to start painting outside.

Hiding After the Chase
5 x 7 oil on linen panel

Catch the hint of "my" cows under the trees. They had just been mini-stampeded by an unruly terrier. 
I do like the color that is ending up in these en plein air paintings. I am learning why so many love to paint this way.

Pair of Trees
5 x 7 oil on panel

Across the pasture on the farm where we are living here in England are these 2 trees that seem to stand guard over the acres. The trees like these each seem to have their own personality cause you cannot find 2 that are the same. After finishing this painting I headed to the store to buy a camping stool cause sitting on the ground killed me.

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