Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Potpourri of Paintings

The Way Out
12 x 9, oil

This entrance/exit to the park is nestled into a heavily shaded area that is right on the lane beside it. The little sign on the gate actually says "no fishing" and there is no water in the park. I love the mystery that the scene presents. As an exit you walk down into the shadows. As an entrance from the other side it is a walk up the short path to open fields and lighter views. Choosing to do this dark painting was a reminder that even in the darkness there is something to appreciate.

Birling Just Over the Hill
8 x 10, oil

I can't let the grey days of England keep me inside all the time or I would go mad. So on this day Bob and I wanted to walk to a pub in Birling that we had not tried before. It took an hour to get there - a really cold, long hour. The pub, the Neville Bull,  was warm and welcoming and the food was outstanding. Well worth the effort to get there.

In this painting I wanted to capture the atmosphere of the day and the scene that I often see as Bob walks ahead of me and I lag behind taking photos and then run ahead to catch up.

Manta II
12 x 9 , oil

Ah Manta! She is the manager of the Thai restaurant in West Malling. She knows us because Bob would bring groups of people from his classes there for dinner. She is direct, bossy, right, knowledgable, confident and striking. She carries attitude. She's a doll and I love her. The last time we painted her someone in my portrait group had asked her to sit for us - this time she asked us if she could. She went to the hairdressers 2 doors down, just to get a new do for this sitting. 

She wore bright green (this gal is NOT afraid of color - last time it was bright orange). She is an amazing model. I could paint her all day. Unfortunately it was for only about 2 hours. Not enough for me to paint a finished piece but enough to get quite a bit of her likeness, colouring and attitude down.

I do not plan on solely being a portrait artist but I do enjoy the challenges that both live-model and photo reference presents. I learn something each time.

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