Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Happy Dog

Happy Dog
5 x 10
Oil on panel

I seldom paint from photos I have not taken but, with permission, I have used this photo from a lady from Norway who has several border collies and uses them to really work her sheep. They are such smart animals. It is fascinating to watch them do their thing.

In this painting I loved the way the sun hit the dog and the funny shapes the posture created. I also wanted to capture the joy and relief of a job well done as this sweet little thing found the cool pan (of water I presume) to relax in. If I ever do pet portraits as commission pieces they will surely have to be ones that tell a bit of the animals story and personality like this one. I could do this kind of thing all day. I think I am also a little pet deprived right now too as we don't live with any at the moment.

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