Friday, August 16, 2013

Before the Day Begins

Before the Day Begins
10 x 5, oil on panel 

Bob and I stayed at a B&B at Leed's Castle last week. It is a stunning castel and grounds that is very parklike and romantic. Being there after hours made it that much more magical to us. A nice bottle of champagne in the evening in the stunning gardens overlooking the lake full of swans and other bird foul made the evening perfect.  

The next day Bobby went and played 9 holes while I did some plein air painting. I am generally  not pulled to paint the obvious scene of a noted location. In this painting I painted a little tunnel that is at the base of the castle and the mote around it where they store the gondola's overnight. The painting was moving right along when.... they moved the gondola to get it ready for the visitors of the day. Luckily I had gotten enough information to finish the painting off in my studio.

This may be my last plein air piece before I move back to the states. 

There are lots of mixed feelings I have about moving back but, I am leaving a place with many, many posititve memories cemented into my head and coming back to my home with high anticipation of great things to come.

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