Monday, December 23, 2013

Winter in the Back Yard

Painting in the beautiful snow. It is a great opportunity to capture all the color that can be in the white. Yes it was plenty cold. I think I have it down though to stay warm - hand and feet warmers, long johns, thick lined boots, scarf, hat, double coat and layers, pad to stand on - all I can do not to be distracted with the cold whilst I am working.  I will be doing more and more of these and eventually use some of them as studies for larger paintings.

I am loving being back home. It is beautiful here too. 

Cold Distant Sunshine
5 x 7, oil

The sun sets so far southwest this time of year that the sunsets end up peaking through totally different parts of the woods giving really interesting floodlight backdrops for the trees that makes things kinda glow.

Downed Bamboo
5 x 7, oil

We have taken down loads of the bamboo in the yard but the remainder has such great character. The shapes that it makes as the weight of the snow turns it into giant stay-puff blobs are really cool.

Shining at the Base
5 x 7, oil

This one captured a bit of morning sunlight - so fleeting.

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