Monday, February 27, 2012

Sheep and Mountains. Trees and Shadows

A Walk in the Mountains of Peru
9 x 12, oil on panel

My daughter's friend Anna does beautiful things in the world for other people.  Along the way she traveled to Peru and allowed me to use a photo of this scene as reference for this painting. I very seldom use other peoples photos but I am happy to have used this one. Once again, there is something about butts that is fascinating to me. This is actually a painting that I sanded down and started again. I don't recall if I had posted the first version but if I did, and you want to bother finding it in the old posts, you will see that there is quite an improvement.

Late Afternoon Shadows
100cm x 100 cm,  oil on canvas

I started painting a non-objective abstract here. I haven't done an abstract in maybe a year or so and I wanted to dive back into that pool. But the call of the oils and the call of the representational subject matter was too strong so it came down to this. I must say, it did feel really good to be working big again. Too bad my storage limitations does not allow for lots of the bigger ones. I suppose I could sell more of them and then I would not have to worry about storage.

There are some wonderful things about England that I love, and the paths is one of them. Plugging in my love for the dramatic and there you have it. 

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