Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The 4 Minute Cow

"The 4 Minute Cow"
5 x 7, oil on panel

One of the first days of plein air painting in England took me to my cows. They were so curious and they all came over to investigate. At the time I had a homemade portable canvas (that maybe one day I will develop into a real product) so I could move in an instant to the subject that I wanted to paint. Of course the cows kept moving around - except for the Big Mama who just stood there and starred at me. So I thought, "what the heck" and painted her. I never thought I would show this painting because of it's major unfinishedness - done only in 4  minutes. But I love this piece so  - here it is..

Side note:  I have not mastered the photographing of my paintings as well as I would like but I just came upon this idea from listening to the podcast of Artists Helping Artists with the guest of Lisa Darie Kennedy (look her up!) who has done 1 painting everyday for over 1000 days, and she mentioned that she scans her works in rather than take the pictures. Since many of my works are small these days that is what I am going to be doing lots of. So be watching for more updates on my works cause I have been working believe you me.


JackieBraden said...

Eileen Great idea - to scan your small painting- only concern is how long to wait for oil paint to dry so that it doesn't ruin the painting or mess up the scanner! Also, is that a concern if you are are posting on daily painter site? Love your blog!

Eileen McConkey said...

Since I just began this scanning thing I am not sure how it will go Jackie. I am letting them dry well first - but just enough to the touch or that I would sell them at, so just 1-3 days depending on the thickness of course. So I won't necessarily post on the day I finish a painting unless it is a photo.