Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Portrait of Manta

12 x 9, oil on panel

Manta is the owner of the Pad Thai Restaurant in West Malling. She is an amazing person - almost the Pad Thai Nazi (like the soup Nazi from Seinfeld, if you know what I mean). She will not let you eat the wrong combinations of Thai food, in fact, she will get rather pushy if you want to. Of course her heavy accent and limited English vocabulary helps the image of her.  As you can see from the painting, she is also a very proud woman. She had just come from the hairdressers  and had red, orange, blonde and green streaks through her hair. She wore a bright orange top too. For less than a 2 hour sit I think I mostly captured her. One day I will have a nice long pose to really get into the skin tones etc. In the mean time I am enjoying the explorations of portraiture.

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