Thursday, April 11, 2013

Seascape Workshop with Roos Schuring

Roos Schuring and me sharing a laugh. Her in her iconic coat and me just dressed for the elements.
There were two things I really wanted from this workshop: One was to learn as much as I could from her and one was to get to know her. I got both and that makes me very happy - although I know that I can learn lots more from her and I also know that the friendship will just grow.

This one is out of order but ... oh well...
This was our last day of painting. The fog was so thick we could barely see anything. The challenge was amazing but we trudged on and I got a couple of nice paintings from it. 
Posts on them in a day or so.

Day two had some rain as you can see. Our group made it to the papers 2 times during our 3 day workshop. I am here with the black umbrella. You have heard of extreme sports - well, here is extreme painting, and, just like the sporters who get addicted to extreme sports, I may be getting hooked on extreme painting. Love a challenge.

Day 1. Painting #2. Just starting to get into the groove of the workshop. Getting used to a different subject matter - I have not painted plein air seascapes before - and I was still getting over being in a new country and the "pinch me - where am I and who am I with" thing. I had been following and looking up to Roos for several months by now - and here I was in her workshop. WOW!