Saturday, April 13, 2013

Paintings From the Roos Schuring Workshop

The Long Beach of Katwijk
9 x 12, oil
3 days of workshop had us going to the same spot each day. It was amazing to get 6 completely different paintings out of the same location. It inspires me to just walk out my door where I live and do the same.

The Tide's Leftovers
9 x 12, oil
There was this dip in the beach where water collected and stayed between the cycles of the tide, leaving somewhat of an island between the two waters of the sea and the beach. It was too tempting to paint from the middle strip of dry beach. Of course, that meant that we had to keep our eyes open for the tide as it came in so that we would not get washed away. Hard to do when you have lost all sense of time and surroundings being very involved with the painting. There were many times we had to yell to the artists to get out of there as the water started coming onto the feet of their easels. All part of the adventure.

Walking the Beach Waters
9 x 12, oil
Tide was going out so the thin layer of water on the beach was very walkable, and many, many people did walk it. In fact, on a daily basis we saw one woman come down to the beach and just walk her unsaddled white pony, saw a great and picturesque horse and buggy take to the trot along the shore, saw lots and lots of dog walkers and of course we saw scores of people and school groups as well.

Trolling for Fish
12 x 9, oil
The fishing boat was another of the out-of-the-ordinary scenes we saw. Big multi-sailed boats were way off in the distance too, as well as plenty of barges. Katwijk is not that far south of Amsterdam which is a major port for Europe.

Painting Against the Tide
12 x 9, oil
I couldn't resist painting painters. All of us there fighting the elements - the wind, some rain, the tide, heavy fog, cold weather, more wind,  more wind. Every one of my paintings has a souvenir of Katwijk beaches on it from the wind kicking up the sand. When they are thoroughly dry I will hopefully be able to brush some of it off.

Fishermen in the Mist
9 x 12, oil
Fog is so magical. Maybe it makes for good fishing too. The beachside fishermen just anchor their long poles into the sand and stand and wait for the show to begin, in the meantime they do whatever fishermen do. 
This was the last painting I did in Katwijk. By now I was really pooped but still invigorated. Lots I learned and can't wait to apply at home.


Paintdancer said...

What wonderful paintings, Eileen! So glad you had a great workshop in spite of the elements, or maybe BECAUSE of the elements!

Eileen McConkey said...

Some of both for sure. Thanks for the kind words. I used to do a bit of backpacking and have hiked through wind and rain and hail. This reminded me of those times. I grew to appreciate the adventure of plein air painting that much more. I like what someone said about it being "extreme painting" as if it were an extreme sport.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful paintings Eileen,

I love the girl walking on the water...sounds like it was very inspiring. Hope to do one someday.

love Trish

Maike Josupeit said...

Lovely Eileen, to see all the paintings together.
Hope to see you again, was nice to meet you!