Friday, May 24, 2013

Rocky Bed

Rocky Bed
8 x 10, oil

I never thought I would get into painting boats. I was wrong. I am really enjoying the visual exploration of the shapes and colours. The different reflections that subtly come about on the shiny sides whether they are in shadow or sunlight. The nuances of colour and the distortion of shapes too. 

There is something very romantic about a boat in harbour - especially an empty one. It speak of adventures had and to come; of rest and yet anticipation; of imagination and wonderment. There are people always present having just left the scene or are due to come back into it. They are the living ghosts of the mysterious stories behind the travels of the vessel. 

I am studying with a renowned English painter this weekend. He is in the historic Wapping Group of painters and we will be painting boats in the harbour in a little seaside working harbour called Whitstable. The boat paintings I have been doing from my photo references have been in preparation for the different shapes and conditions that I will be doing from life.

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Maike Josupeit said...

feel the same, but could not find the words as you did. Good luck for your life painting boats!