Monday, May 20, 2013

Waiting to Float Again

Waiting to Float Again
9 x 12, oil on panel

A last minute long weekend trip took us to North Devon and a little village called Clovelly that was first settled 2500 years ago! The town was amazing - no cars, very cobbly streets that only donkeys can manage along with the fit human. They delivered the goods to the houses and few businesses via a crudely made sled of 2 x 4 rungs nailed to a shallow plastic bin of sorts. The entire village is owned by one man and his family has owned it for 100s of years. EVERYBODY there rents from him - no one else owns property there but him. And as you can see, the base of this village is at the sea with this little harbor and a lovely hotel, where we stayed right on the shore. 

The boats were fascinating. I can't remember ever painting boats before. Great challenge, one that I will be doing again for sure. In fact, this weekend I am taking a workshop at a fisherman's harbour not too far away from home so this painting was great preparation for it.

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