Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Lone Tree - Reposting one of my favourites

Lone Tree
9 x 12

One of the things I love about England is her trees - all of them. But the ones that speak to me the most are the tall and stately lone fir trees that are like silent giants watching over the land. This one was guarding the not-yet-plowed farming field. The irregular overall shape of the tree and the distant haze made for a composition that I thought showed off the scene well.

In June there is a 16 day period that is called "SouthEast Open Studios" where artists in South East England open their homes and/or studios for the public to visit and possibly purchase their work. This is the second year I will be in it. This painting is the one that I chose to be in the book for the show. I really love it.

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