Sunday, April 28, 2013

Along the Way on a Sunny Day

I heard this a while ago and it hits home everyday:

     The more you learn about painting, the harder it gets. The more experienced you become, the more effort and time it takes to get to the next level. In the words of Monet:
“My painting...obsesses and torments me. I don’t know which way I’m going. One day I think I’m at work on a mas- terpiece, then it turns into a nothing. I fight, I fight on with- out making any headway. I believe I am seeking the impossible, but I’m filled with confidence.” Monet, 1888.

I am determined!
Here is my most current painting....

Along the Way on a Sunny Day
12 x 16, oil

And as always I am a bit disappointed in the colouring of this photo.

I am very pleased with this painting. The light is doing what I want it to do as parts of it seem to glow in the bath of sunshine. I am doing what I have been wanting to do and that is to start with larger, simpler shapes of colours and values and then cut into them with other colours and shapes to sculpt the images and give them life. Like... the tree trunks were loads thicker to begin with so that I could be freer with the colour nuances that I wanted the trunks to have, then I chiselled  them down adding the cool tones of the background. Same thing with the sparse leaves in this painting - cutting into larger blobs of colour to create the illusion of the leaves against the sky.   Doing this has me appreciating the abstract basic shapes of the composition lots more.

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