Thursday, April 18, 2013

What do you want from my Blog?

Hello my respected followers,

 I just thought that I would go to the source with some questions that are crossing my mind --

What is it that you want to see in my blog?
Photos of the paintings?
Photos of paintings in progress?
The stories behind the subject of the paintings?
Comments on the paint technique or other particulars on how I created the piece?
The struggles I may have had while doing the piece or about painting in general?
Painting advice?
Guest Bloggers?
Showing other artists work?
Do you look at anything else on the page besides the post - links, archives, etc?
Do you ever follow another link to any of my other web - presences (FB, Pinterest, Daily Paintworks, etc?
Did you ever share my blog with others?
Do you follow any other artists blogs?
Do you ever go from the email of the post that you get when I post, to the blog itself or do you simply see it in the email and leave it at that?

Ok. That's enough with the questions already. If you feel so inclined to answer any of the questions it would really help give me direction for my blog entries. You can put it in the comment section of this post or email me at

Thank you all so much for your support.


Maike Josupeit said...

Hello Eileen
I would all questions answer with yes, but I am an artist too, so I don´t know if a normal:) person have the same opinion. I always love to read a story and the struggle behind.
Happy painting and greetings from Berlin, it´s spring now!

Anonymous said...

All of the above.

Anonymous said...

Hi Eileen
I look at paintings, prices but also like to read a little information on the subject... Why it intrigued or interested you enough to paint... A thought. Favorite subjects/locations through the seasons in small paintings. Somewhat like Wallace Nutting's work. Although I realize his work is colorized photos. I saw the set of 4 scrambled rooster paintings and thought hmmm seasons.
I really like your paintings that use the sun's rays for impact... I also enjoy your "human" side of art! I wish I had more walls!
Kathy (Kirkbride) Garton